Lamar Bruni Vergara, born in 1910 to Annie Reiser Bruni and Louis H. Bruni, was raised and educated in Laredo and spent much of her life becoming acquainted with the city and its

Her love for the city and a fondness for its people led naturally to a sincere interest in the welfare of the community. Over the years, she dedicated many unselfish hours to the Catholic Church as well as local social service organizations. As her health declined in later years, Vergara called upon her cousin J. C. Martin Jr. and longtime friend, Solomon Casseb Jr. to ensure that her mission of caring for the community would continue after her death. J.C. Martin III now sits as a co-trustee, replacing his late father. She stipulated in her estate that the majority of her wealth be shared with charities in the area.

Upon her death in 1989, Martin and Casseb worked diligently to execute the legacy of Lamar Bruni Vergara through the trust’s continuous support of religious, health, and educational initiatives in the community.

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