South Texas Advancement Resource (STAR)

Creating an educational research and training environment for South Texas Ranching, Farming, and Land Management is paramount to supporting not only our Texas Heritage but our sustainability.  A place where students have access to livestock, crops, labs, and the latest technology, as well as ranching and farming equipment is essential.

South Texas Advancement Resource (STAR), a 501(c)(3), nonprofit was created to take on this challenge.  Through educational partnerships with Texas A&M University, Laredo College, USDA, and private investments, the organization’s goal is to provide scholarships, internships, outplacement, tuition assistance, and paid training in an atmosphere that promotes best practices and innovation.

We have partnered with the Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust to help our Laredo College students.  The tools and supplies needed by the Laredo College vocational program students, which are a requirement for the curriculum, are cost prohibitive to some of the students. We have partnered with the LBVT for matching funding to be used for student supplies and equipment.   

Working with LBVT we supplied tool kits to 32 students this academic year; which is an accomplishment that otherwise would have been out of reach. We greatly appreciate the support that we have received from LBVT.